Buying your produce locally from organic growers is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and your local economy. Why is that? We’re here to tell you!

Reason 5: Know your farmer, know your food

“Garden Treasures family farm is committed to providing quality products to our customers using environmentally-friendly practices, and to promoting a sustainable lifestyle to help build a strong local economy and thriving community.” –

You can go to any chain grocer and pick through a limited selection of produce from all over the nation, but do you really know what you’re putting into your body? Most all commercial farms use pesticides that are harmful to the environment, you, and your family, and according to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants “nine of the twelve most dangerous and persistent organic chemicals are pesticides.”  Meaning that those chemicals can stick around long after they’ve been sprayed, causing health complications, polluting the air and underground water sources, and killing the good enzymes that make produce so healthy. With an organic local farm like Garden Treasures in Arlington, WA, you can browse through a large produce selection while looking out on the very fields your food has been grown in. Instead of using harmful synthetic chemical pesticides, Garden Treasures uses tried and true methods like crop rotations, low-impact drip irrigation systems, and nature’s natural pesticides; birds, enzymes in soil and compost, and beneficial insects. To read more about their program click HERE.

Reason 4: Stimulating your local economy

Did you know that buying your food and clothing in the town and county you reside in actually boosts your area’s economy? By patronizing local markets, farms, and retailers you’re putting your money to use for you. The taxes you pay go back into your county to pay for things like safer roads, better buildings, and bringing in tourists to stimulate the economy even more. Farms also create jobs for your economy, the money you put into your local farm or nursery goes to pay an honest worker living in your area, not a corporation hiring cheap labor at the cost of their integrity. Not to mention when you buy locally you get to know your business owners, and you can physically speak to the people who make and grow your food for you. Who would you trust to answer questions about farming methods: the farmer who labors with pride and care over the crops he produces, or a minimum-wage wal-mart employee still enrolled in high school?

Tune in next week for part 2, and be sure to buy locally! Check out Garden Treasures in Arlington, WA