We know that you treasure your sweetheart above all else, but do THEY know? This Valentine’s day get creative with your expressions of love! Here are a few ideas that we at Arlington’s River Rock Inn came up with based on the five love languages:

5) Little Love Notes – Using scraps of paper, post-it notes, or little pieces of stationary, write a few sentences about how much you love and adore your partner and leave the papers for them to find as they go about their day. Tie one to her toothbrush, stick one on his favorite coffee mug, leave one on the windshield. These little reminders are sure to make your lover feel more loved than ever!

4) “The Way to My Heart” scavenger hunt! – Write up a simple scavenger hunt of three or four steps with clues that tell your darling how much you appreciate them. You could say “I love how you make me coffee every morning before work, there’s a surprise in the coffee pot for you this morning!”, the next clue would be in (or on) the coffee pot and could lead them to the bedroom, bathroom, living room, garage, garden, etc. Reward them for their hard work with a fresh bouquet of flowers, a Starbucks card, or chocolates at the end of the hunt.

3) “You Make Me Feel so Special” massage! – Maybe your loved-one has a stressful or straining job, and just cant relax. Well you’ll banish the stress with a soothing massage! Buy a massage oil or lotion that he/she will like, pick up a book on the art of massage, light a few candles, and use your hands to loosen the muscles and ease away the worries of the day. *Not confident in your massage skills? Many local day-spas have gift certificates you can purchase to get your lover the treatment they deserve.*

2) “Let ME help YOU!” coupon book – Everyone has that one chore that they just dread; whether it’s washing the dishes, folding the laundry, sweeping the floors, or weeding the yard. You can show your love by making a simple coupon book! Type or write-up “honey-do” coupons, good for one chore “anytime, anyplace, no complaints!”. Your sweetheart will love the help and cherish the time they can now spend relaxing.

1) “Let’s Get Away” Romantic escape – You love each other so much, but you both have so much to do during the week that it’s hard to find time to just sit together and catch up.  Plan a day away! Grab a picnic basket and take a hike to the amazing Ice Caves or just enjoy lunch in a park away from phones and TV. Make time for the two of you to share about your lives, share about your dreams, and share a tasty meal. *If you’re not the “outdoorsy” type, escape to the River Rock Inn for a night in a luxury suite where you can soak in your two-person tub or have coffee by the fire.*

Arlington’s River Rock Inn has the perfect Valentine’s Day specials if you’re looking to escape for an entire weekend, give us a call to find out more! 360-403-7014

Best wishes!

~Bob, Lisa, and Lacey