Our fruit and cheese platter for the "Wine and Dine" Special

Special occasion? Romantic getaway? Shopping weekend? Spice up any stay with this delectable treat. Fresh fruits and artisan cheeses are laid out on a hand-cut granite slab for you to enjoy with your choice of wine, champagne, or sparkling cider. Top it off with crackers and hand made chocolate truffles for a perfect finish. Eat it fireside or at the inn’s mountain view picnic spot, either way this platter will make your stay just a little bit tastier.

This arrangement was a big hit when I finished it today, you can do it yourself with a few fresh ingredients.

1) You will need three types of artisan cheeses. Here I used Jarlsberg Swiss, pepper jack, and a Jamaican Jerk from Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market, but you can use goat cheese, Gouda, or any other cheeses to your tastes.

2) Cut them each a different way for artistic effect. Slices, wedges, and crumbles is one way of doing it.

3) Add your fresh seasonal fruit. If you group the fruits in odd numbers it makes a very appealing display.

4) Arrange your spread on a tray or platter

5) Don’t forget your crackers and some rich chocolate to cater to every part of your palate.

6) Serve it at room temperature and enjoy!